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About VDLabs

In our web laboratory we focus on the latest technologies - HTML5, JavaScript and CSS3. Which environment do you prefer - Browsers, Mobiles, Desktops or Servers? We know all of them from the inside out. jQuery, Ext, Zepto or Backbone? It's our daily deal either. Open Web Stack is not just our job - it's our lifestyle. We want to share our experience with you. Welcome to VD Laboratory.

VDLabs guys are one of the best JS devs I've ever met - their presentations are always pushing the edge of my knowledge - recommended ! Douglas QMX Campos /Brazil/ JBoss / Red Hat


Need help on choosing the right technologies or architecture for your project ? Code of your application started to be less readable then it used to be ? We can help by providing a high quality consulting and code audith. We also offer integrating your existing JavaScript application with Python (Django) or PHP backends.


You think your developers need to get more familiar with JavaScript or some particular framework ? We offer a wide variety of trainings on different levels from the real basics to advanced (or a profiled training customized for your needs. Our last trainings covered:

  • JavaScript.

  • jQuery / jQuery Mobile.

  • ExtJs 4.

  • NodeJS.

Building Apps

We offer complete services of building JavaScript based applications, from the design phase through implementation to setting it to production and integrating with backend. Take the whole package or choose only what you need. Our developers can help with :
  • jQuery

  • ExtJs 4

  • XUL & XUL Runner

  • Mobile (Web, PhoneGap, AppMobi and others)

  • Integration with NodeJS/Django/Php backends

Improving Apps

Not satisfied with your mobile or desktop application performance or need to add some new functionalities ? We can help with that. Our team can help your developers or implement it by themselves either online or at customers location.
VDLabs use creativity to teach, and their demos are always shouting awesome. Zi Bin Cheah /China/ W3C China / Opera

Open Source

Developers from our team are active in the open source community. We have been or still are involved in maintaining or contributing to various open web projects, fixing bugs, giving new ideas and spreading the word. Just to mention few of them:
  • Boot2Gecko

  • jQuery Mobile

  • Node.js

Apart of that we're working on our own top secret VDLabs goodies, that will be revealed soon.
Trainers from VDLabs had excellent lectures. I wish the rest of the world will have an opportunity to attend them. Madhur K Shrestha /Nepal/ Kathmandu SeaGate Institute


jQuery Developer

Do you think that life is better and easier with dollars? Do your scripts often start with `$(document).ready`? But you still know what's going on inside the framework, and could achieve the same results without it? Then it looks like you might be a perfect candidate to work with us. We require knowledge about:
  • Plugins - how do they work, and how to write custom ones.

  • Proficiency in DOM selection magic.

  • Perfect knowledge about AJAX, JSON, and JSONP technologies.

  • Animations, transformations etc. using jQuery.

  • Ideally some knowledge about using jQuery Mobile.

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